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100ml Juice Co - Tropical Mix-3mg-VAYYIP

100ml Juice Co - Tropical Mix

  • Dhs. 80.00 AED

Bottle size 100ml

If tropical flavors make you swoon, look no further than Tropical Mix by 100mL Juice Co. Inspired by a fruity cocktail, this e-liquid soothes the thirst and brightens up the palate. 
Every inhale instantly tantalizes the tongue with bright, tangy tropic fruits like pineapple and mango. A stream of zesty orange juice adds brightness while the tropical notes grow increasingly sweeter. On the exhale, you'll savor flavors like guava and papaya.

Relax and vape away on your own beach as you look up at some of the clouds you made.

A full mix of various tropical fruits that will leave you refreshed and in vaping paradise



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